Our Story


     The Hammer Helmet was developed by Anthony Annunziata a full-time career construction worker.  Ever sense Anthony was young he always wanted to be an inventor. While in high school Anthony signed up for a 4-year pre-engineering program, where he learned the engineering basics and blueprint for inventing.  After high school, Anthony pursued his passion for construction by enrolling at Penn College of Technology.  Here he studied Construction Building trades and graduated with an Associates in Science.  Next Anthony continued his studies at East Carolina University, where he enrolled in a technical school transfer program for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Construction Management. 

     During his time studying in high school and college Anthony worked construction.  He started as a laborer in the residential sector and worked his way up to be a Project Superintendent managing the ground up construction of multi-use commercial properties.

     Anthony’s idea for The Hammer Helmet came to him early on in his career when he was working as a carpenter.  Routinely, he would encounter the problem of his common claw hammer not having enough leverage for pulling nails and the top of his hammer would easily damage finish material.  This problem led him to start developing prototypes and couldn’t believe how well they worked.  It wasn’t till several years after college he decided to do a patent search and pursue bringing his invention to life.  Anthony feels it's been his lifelong calling to be an inventor and gives credit to his passion for construction for making his dreams a reality.       
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